Brainstorming does not work

Kevin Ashton:

“Research into brainstorming has a clear conclusion. The best way to create is to work alone and evaluate solutions as they occur.”

Brainstorming never really worked for me, all of the conclusions from the research he quotes ring true to me.

Environmental User Interface

Bob Burrough who co-created the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch has been working on reflecting your live environment in your iPhone’s user interface.

“An environmental user interface takes information from a device’s surroundings and uses it to render physically-accurate things on the screen. It appears as if the lights around you are shining on the things on the screen. If the lighting in your room is bright, then the things on your screen are brightly lit.”

I would love to have this. See more on YouTube

Neural Network Racing Cars

@hardmaru, research scientist at google brain tokyo:

“This demo trains a small neural network to drive around the track after only a few generations.”

I’ve been looking at real world metaphors for how to use machine learning. I remember something like:

“A task a 10 year old kid can do in 1 second.”

This video is another way of making it more understandable.

Marvel User Testing

Naomi Francis writing for the Marvel blog:

“That’s why we’ve built User Testing directly into the Marvel platform! In just a few clicks you can connect with users and record, replay and analyse how they interact with your designs and prototypes.”

This looks great.

Top 10 Application-Design Mistakes

So many of these seem obvious, but this is also true:

“Building applications that have both the depth to support complicated tasks and the intuitiveness to make it clear how to get that work done is a tremendous challenge.”

Lots of great recommendations.

So You Wanna Be a Chef

Anthony Bourdain:

I am frequently asked by aspiring chefs, dreamers young and old, attracted by the lure of slowly melting shallots and caramelizing pork belly, or delusions of Food Network stardom, if they should go to culinary school. I usually give a long, thoughtful, and qualified answer.

But the short answer is “no.”

Don't Eat Before Reading This

The article that put Anthony Bourdain on the map.

Good food, good eating, is all about blood and organs, cruelty and decay. It’s about sodium-loaded pork fat, stinky triple-cream cheeses, the tender thymus glands and distended livers of young animals.

It’s about danger—risking the dark, bacterial forces of beef, chicken, cheese, and shellfish.

Your first two hundred and seven Wellfleet oysters may transport you to a state of rapture, but your two hundred and eighth may send you to bed with the sweats, chills, and vomits.